The ‘Delhi Boy’ who made headlines

Once upon a time, a girl put pen to paper and decided to reduce to dust, the image of the ‘quintessential’ Delhi boy.  She mocked not just his accent, but his preferences as far as clothing and food habits went. If one decides not to get emotionally attached to that bit of writing it qualifies … Continue reading

An Equal Music

I remember crying and protesting fiercely, when I was seven.  My mother had enrolled me into Hindustani Classical Vocal lessons into Gandharava Mahavidyalaya. That, for sometime, became the cause of much agony in my life. Each week I’d wait anxiously for Tuesdays and Fridays to get over so I’d get past the onerous task of … Continue reading

Difficult Daughters

When I thought of daughters, I wasn’t expecting this But I like this more I like all your faults Even your purple moods When you retreat from everyone To sit in a bed, under a quilt…. –          Michael Ondaatje (The Cinnamon Peeler) Many a time, people very close to me have raised eyebrows at my … Continue reading

The Other Side of Indian Writing

There are two sides to VS Naipaul’s barb – On the face of it, Naipaul’s sentiments about women authors are appalling; but if you manage to get past the devout feminist in yourself, the man’s spunk is laudable. Naipaul’s penmanship has been at the receiving end of much flak, for having been derisively critical of … Continue reading

Sweet Child O’ Mine

My father hoisted me up on his shoulders when I was a year and a half. Apparently I had just discovered the joys of speech and hence nursery rhymes. So my father decided to try his luck and teach his only daughter the importance of the Divine. Having taken his position in front of the … Continue reading

Sex(ist) and the City?

The likes of Simone de Beauvoir had penned down feminism that became an inextricable part of the woman in the later years. Within the social milieu, feminism embattled ridicule that a woman often suffered at the hands of her male counterpart. So, with a backdrop such as this, the enraptured audience and a spellbound reader … Continue reading